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8 Articles Getting Started

How to Add Users and Delegate User Permissions

How to Set Up Site Options

How to Create and Customize Pages

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3 Articles Self-Hosted

System Requirements

Support and Upgrades

How to Install and Set Up Collab Hub

3 Articles People

How to Add Users and Delegate User Permissions

User Role Types (User Permission Profiles)

Integration of NADI with Collab Hub for Active Directory and Single Sign-On

4 Articles Site Options & Customization

How to Change your Logo and Site Colors

How to Change your Department Menu

How to Edit User Profiles

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7 Articles Modules

Document Explorer

Banner Module


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6 Articles Departments & Pages

How to Create & Customize Departments

How to Password Protect a Page

How to work with the Page Builder

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4 Articles FAQ's

How to Access my Software Download Link after purchasing?

How to Move my Collab Hub License from One Domain to Another

How to Configure my Collab Hub install to send Emails

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