How to Move my Collab Hub License from One Domain to Another

Each license of Collab Hub is only valid per one domain. 

If you wish to transfer your Collab Hub license from one domain to another then you will need to perform the following directions: 

1. Login to your Collab Hub My Account ( https://www.collab-hub.com/my-account/)

2. Enter your username and password ( this is the credentials you created when you purchased Collab Hub)

3. Upon login, click on "View Licenses"

4. Under License Details, click on "Manage Sites"

5. Click on "Deactivate Site"

6. Replace the Site URL with the new root domain of where you installed Collab Hub. 

7. Once the replacement has been completed under your "Collab Hub My Account". Open a new tab or win and go to your intranet dashboard and login as an administrator. 

8. Select "Collab Hub"  on the left menu

9. Enter in your license key and select Activate Site. 

That's it... At this point, the license had been transferred to your new domain and everything should function as normal.