User Role Types (User Permission Profiles)

This guide will provide an overview of user types with Collab Hub. User types are used to set
permission rights when adding pages and departments. 

There are four default user types:

1. Administrators

Site Administrators have full access and control of the intranet. The role has the ability to add/edit/delete users, pages, departments, news, and all other modules. 

  • Can edit all intranet site options (ex. site settings, theme settings, staff settings and organization of the menus)
  • Ability to install and uninstall plugins

(Role examples: Owner/CEO , IT Director)

2. Department Heads

This role has the full control of their own department ONLY

  • Can add/edit/delete users to their department
  • Can add/edit/delete public, restricted or password protected pages in their department
  • Can add/edit/delete all content modules and documents to their department.

(Role examples: IT Manager, HR Manager, Finance Manager, Sales and Marketing Manager, etc) 

Note: With our current configuration, a user cannot be a department head of two departments.

3. Department Editor 

This role can do everything a department head can, except add/edit/delete users to their department.

(Role examples: Department administrators or assistants) 

4. Department Staff 

This role can view the full intranet , and can ONLY update their own profile.

This is the role to where all your company personnel will have. They only have a read only access to all the content within the intranet. 

Each personnel can update their own profile details that is displayed within the Staff Directory.

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Title
  • and other custom fields that you have generated.