System Requirements

Collab Hub will run on any Wordpress installs. 

For optimum results, we recommend:  

  • WordPress version 4.9 or greater
  • PHP 7.1 or newer
  • Nginx or Apache web server capable of running PHP scripts
    • mod_rewrite needs to be enabled under Apache.
    • try_files needs to be set correctly under Nginx.
  •  HTTPS support
  • MySQL 5.7.8 or newer

We recommend using the latest stable PHP and MySQL. To speed things up, use opcode and memory caching.

Collab Hub is a PHP application and can run on any OS/server which meets the requirements. 

Windows / IIS Server:

While it runs fine on Windows, it feels most at home at Unix flavor operating systems, mostly Linux.

For those running Windows / IIS set up, please keep in mind that we heavily rely on WordPress permalinks and the URL rewrite API.  On Linux this is usually handled by mod_rewrite or try_files.

For windows there is the URL Rewrite Module.

IIS URL Rewrite Module:




Hosting Reccomendations:

After testing Collab Hub on several web hosts, here are the 3 we recommend:

1. Digital Ocean (cloud server)
2. https://cloud.google.com/wordpress/
3. Siteground (cost effective solution)