How to work with the Page Builder

Page builder is what dictates the look and feel of your intranet. Several modules can be enabled or disabled to form the layout of your intranet. Read on to learn more.

  1. In the top right-hand corner of your intranet homepage, you should see your name if you are logged in. There will be a little down arrow next to your name. Select this, and a menu will appear. Select Dashboard.

  2. Select Pages from the dashboard.

  3. A list of available pages for your department or all departments will show up. Select a page, or create a new page. You will then be brought to the page builder.

  4. Choose a template. Each template has the modules located in different places, taking up different amount of space. You can enable and disable modules, and the remaining modules will “stretch” to fit the available space.

    • Banner – Multiple banner images (1600x500) can be uploaded to make slider on your page. You can also have a heading and subheading and button.
    • Quicklinks – Bookmarked links for quick access. You can have internal or external links.
    • Custom Content – This can contain videos and other custom content that you want to add to your intranet.
    • Featured Documents – Pinned documents that appear on for easy access and quick download.
    • Contacts – Easily and Quickly let everyone know how to contact for questions or concerns.
    • Document Explorer – No need for Dropbox anymore, with your own built in document explorer, quickly add, move, and download files.
    • Events List/Calendar – Show events as a list or in a calendar view.
    • News – Show News in a list, with a ‘read more’ button.