How to Create and Customize Pages

  1. In the top right-hand corner of your intranet homepage, you should see your name if you are logged in. There will be a little down arrow next to your name. Select this, and a menu will appear. Select Dashboard.

  2. On the dashboard, click on Pages & hit Go.

  3. You will then be brought to the pages that already exist (if any). If you are a department head, you will only see the pages for your department, and you won’t have ability to select another department.
  4. If you are an Administrator, click the button to choose which department you’d like the page to belong to. The page “new” button will then become clickable.

  5. In order to customize your page, pick a predefined template layout. You can also add a banner and edit the page settings.

  6. In this example, I have chosen to add a ‘Paid Search’ page to the Marketing department. I chose template 4, added some information to the contact module & changed the name of the custom content module to say “Paid vs Organic” and added info to the custom content module, and disabled everything else. It looks like this:

  7. The front end result ends up looking like this:

  8. If you need additional help or further explanation about each module, feel free to open a ticket!