How to Create & Customize Departments

Departments are organizations within your company that you can create based on your company structure. They allow you to organize teams, documents, groups of people, and content. By creating departments for specific groups, you can organize information better, cut down on clutter, improve communication, and encourage participation.

Creating a New Department

  1. In the top right-hand corner of your intranet homepage, you should see your name if you are logged in. There will be a little down arrow next to your name. Select this, and a menu will appear. Select Dashboard.

  2. On the dashboard, click on Departments. You will then be brought to the departments that already exist.

  3. To create a new department, click the button that says ‘New Department’.

  4. Once you’ve added the new department’s name, you need to select a page layout. There are currently 8 options to choice from. Each option organizes different modules that you can customize.

  5. Add a Banner:

    • You can upload an image that’s ideally 1600x500.
    • You can add a heading that will appear over your image
    • You can also add a smaller subheading that will appear underneath your heading.
    • You can also add a button with the URL link to wherever you need it to go.
  6. Contacts:

    • Contact excerpt is where you can put a little information about who should be contacted, before actually putting their contact information.
    • You can fill out the contacts of your particular department as well as their titles.
  7. Quicklinks:

    • You can name the link label whatever you’d like, and link the URL to open in a new page window, or you can keep it in the same window.
  8. Menu:

    • When you are first setting up your department, you will not be able to create a menu until you create some pages under the department. You will then be able to add these pages to your Department Menu.
  9. Page Settings:

    • You can select an icon that will appear next to your department on the main page.
    • User Access- You can choose the role that a user must be to have access to view the department. In this example, general staff is everyone on the intranet. Graphics staff would be only staff in that department. And Graphics Editors would be only the editors.
    • Publish – You can select the status of the page, if its in draft (not available to the public) or published. Visibility can be password protected to restrict certain people from viewing the department unless they have the password.
  10. When you’ve done all these basics, you can click publish. The page will still be pretty empty until you add things to the modules, such as news articles, custom content, announcements, etc.