How to Set Up Site Options

  1. In the top right-hand corner of your intranet homepage, you should see your name if you are logged in. There will be a little down arrow next to your name. Select this, and a menu will appear. Select Dashboard.

  2. You will arrive at the dashboard. Look for the card that says “Site Options”. Click Go.

  3. There are four settings: site settings, theme settings, staff settings & department settings.

    • Intranet Title – This is what appears as the name of the tab in a person’s browser, and the title of the website on Search Engines.
    • Tagline – This will appear alongside of the title, after a dash.
      • For example, the demo would read like: “Collab Hub Demo – WordPress Intranet Developed with Love”
    • WordPress Address – This is the URL where your WordPress (WP) installation lives on your server. If you are unsure, ask your web developer or tech person who set it up for you.
    • Site Address – This is the URL of your intranet
    • Site Email Address – This is the default email you’d like to use for the website.
    • Time Zone – The time zone you’d your intranet to be in.
    • Site Language – The default is currently English.
    • Date Format – The possible formats for the date.
    • Time Format – The possible dates for the time.

    • Site Logo – You can upload your own logo that will replace the Collab Hub logo in the top left hand corner of your intranet.
    • Login Background – This will be the login page that your users will see when they are not logged in to your intranet:

    • Primary Color – The main color on your website. Ask your Graphic Designer to get the Hexadecimal Color code if you are unsure. Or check your Branding Identity Guide if you have one.

    The fields you use here, will show up on your users’ profile page:

    • These options will show up on the front page menu: